Truck Media Division

Truck Division

Our fleet of branded trucks carries visual and non-visual messages to any target locations, however remote. And in order to maximize exposure to high traffic volumes of motorists and pedestrians, the trucks are on the road by 6.30am to finish routes at 19.30pm (albeit special arrangements can be made to alter the schedule of the trucks where necessary). In addition, our trucks employ backlight technology that allows total visibility of adverts during periods of darkness or inclement weather.Mobile Lit Trucks aptly termed “Nightshift”

Night Shift is an effective tool that gives the brand high visibility through the use of lighting on our truck media platform. The catchment areas for this include driving in high traffic (foot and vehicular) Shopping centers within the mass market space.

Furthermore because of the uniqueness of a mobile lit Truck, it offers an opportunity to expose the brands to the market, this means, everywhere you go, you have to close your eyes not to see us.

Moving Ads South Africa (Pty) Ltd brings this unique advertising media tool to the South African market. Our product offering is simple; we offer a media vehicle that is guaranteed to take any advertising campaign to a new dimension of effectiveness whether as a primary medium or complimentary.

Truck Routes

Our circuits are carefully planned and researched in order to reach a relevant target audience. Special arrangements can be made to modify truck routes so to reach a specified consumer – as per client’s request and/or our recommendation


Moving Ads trucks are slick multi-utility trucks that can be used for various promotional activities:

  • Three-sided Poster Display Unit
  • Three-sided Mobile Billboard
  • Transit Media
  • Events, Field and Promotional Marketing tool
  • Branded Mobile Showroom (in door display unit)
  • Activations support vehicle
  • Distribution Centre

Besides being used as a traditional outdoor medium, trucks can also be turned into showrooms and events’ vehicles. They offer ample storage space and a window ‘showroom’ effect through transparent display screens.

Activations Division

Activations division

We bring brands to life in a way that prompts markets to engage with them on a very real, experiential basis. Any brand, coupled with our agency insights and experience can provide something that is captivating and engaging, whether it be a flash mob, a celebrity activation or a kiddies festival. Event conceptualization (brainstorming, research, creative development). Our services also include pre-event planning (location scouting, route plans, supplier bid solicitation, coordinate all aspects including sound, AV & lighting, décor & styling, food & beverage, entertainment, registration, gifting, security, service staff management, budget management, transport, etc.)

Our Brand Ambassadors

We have a united team that loves brands and we make sure we deposit the same into our team of Brand ambassadors. We get your brands out there in a way that prompts markets to want to engage with them on a very real, experiential basis. We have a team of outgoing Brand Ambassadors who have understood how to communicate and approach customers. We seek out talented individuals with dedication, enthusiasm, eloquence and charisma to carry your brand activation message into the marketplace. We have Brand ambassadors in all 9 provinces in South Africa. Our team is known for well presentation, great communication and constant engagement skills with your customers.

Carwash Media Division

Carwash media division

Moving Ads has a number of car washes across South Africa. These platforms are strategically positioned in high traffic areas with high visibility. The car wash structures can be used to advertise content and can be also used as activation sites. Our Car washes carry visual messages to any patrons who pass through the car wash premise. The Car wash has three sides which are used for image display.

Taxi Branding Division

Taxi branding division

We also offer taxi branding platforms through our strong links with Taxi Associations in South Africa. We have access to thousands of Taxis across South Africa that can be used a branding platform for high visibility nationally.

LED Screens division

LED Screens division

Another advertising media tool we have are the LED Displays. Moving Ads provides long term solutions for all visual communication needs. We offer small message board systems to gigantic, multi-purpose video screens in the sport, business, and entertainment and transportation markets.

The training and intelligence of these living media properties, allows them to alter their communication to be perfectly in-line with your brand and your customers.