“With us, success is inevitable” - Tinashe Jacha (Moving-Ads Managing Director)

Who Are We?

Moving-ads is advertising in motion, innovative and continuously evolving- we are creative spark that moves with the times. A live wire alive in Africa, we are pioneers of break-through mobile advertising, and we have the 20 years in the business prove it.


  • “I am personally able to vouch for the high standard of their work. They are incredibly easy to work with; they always deliver on-time and they are very affordable – they even do team buildings for us. I really want to encourage you guys to use them where you can, it is a good news story for all of us and a great asset for the company.”

    Angerie VanWyk
  • “The Moving Ads digital media truck has provided our business with a competitive edge in reaching out to our target market. The Moving Ads team has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of how to package appealing media to display on the truck. We certainly know that our Movings Ads digital media truck has been one of the best decisions made for our business.”

    Cliff Nkuna
  • “On all occasions their collaborative and innovative energy is unmatched and their account management team has the highest standards of service and efficiency. Speed & excellence is what sets them apart, I would highly recommend them.”

    Lwandile Booi
    Mindshare Agency